Together with trusted partners, here are just a few ways the True Measure Collaborative is making measurable impact:


91% of students with disabilities in TMC-supported schools spend most of their day in general education classrooms (vs. 62% state average).

Developing Educators

TMC partners with 25 schools statewide, providing coaching & consulting to over 40 Special Education teachers and multilingual  coordinators and professional development to over 500 school staff members.

Academic Results

The percentage of students with disabilities meeting grade-level standards in ELA is 10% higher than the state average. The percentage of multi-lingual students meeting grade-level standards in ELA and Math is more than double the state average.

Case Study

Denali Miedema, Founding SpEd Teacher

Lumen High School

Denali Miedema is the founding Special Education teacher at Lumen High School, a small public high school in Spokane, WA serving teen parents and their children in a full-inclusion model.

“I can honestly say that I don’t think I would have made it through my first two years as the sole Special Education teacher in a new small school without the support of the TMC. Amanda has assisted me with everything from navigating Washington State procedures and regulations to implementing a school-wide system for behavior support that is data-driven, equitable, and trauma-informed. Her specific, constructive feedback has improved my IEP writing, and her in-person coaching visits provide much needed perspective and encouragement not only for me but for the entire staff. Whether it’s responding promptly to my questions with clarity and breadth of vision or offering a listening ear and calm wisdom when the work feels intractable, the support that Amanda and the TMC has provided is truly beyond measure.”


The True Measure Collaborative serves public schools and districts in ten Washington state counties.

“The TMC is one of the most responsive and supportive consulting firms I have ever worked with over the course of my 30-year career.”

“Thank you for being in our classrooms, naming what we need to adjust, and helping us come up with solutions to serve all of our scholars.”

“TMC trainers return to campus consistently and make recommendations related to their observations.”