Together with trusted partners, here are just a few ways the True Measure Collaborative is making measurable impact:


91% of students with disabilities in TMC-supported schools spend most of their day in general education classrooms (vs. 62% state average).

Developing Educators

TMC partners with 12 schools statewide, providing coaching & consulting to over 20 Special Education teachers and coordinators and professional development to over 500 school staff members.

Academic Results

The percentage of students with disabilities meeting grade-level standards in ELA is 10% higher than the state average. The percentage of multi-lingual students meeting grade-level standards in ELA and Math is more than double the state average.

Case Study

Denali Miedema, Founding SpEd Teacher

Lumen High School

Denali Miedema is the founding Special Education teacher at Lumen High School, a small public high school in Spokane, WA serving teen parents and their children in a full-inclusion model.

“I can honestly say that I don’t think I would have made it through my first two years as the sole Special Education teacher in a new small school without the support of the TMC. Amanda has assisted me with everything from navigating Washington State procedures and regulations to implementing a school-wide system for behavior support that is data-driven, equitable, and trauma-informed. Her specific, constructive feedback has improved my IEP writing, and her in-person coaching visits provide much needed perspective and encouragement not only for me but for the entire staff. Whether it’s responding promptly to my questions with clarity and breadth of vision or offering a listening ear and calm wisdom when the work feels intractable, the support that Amanda and the TMC has provided is truly beyond measure.”

Case Study

Dr. Oruba Anthony, Dean of SpEd

Rainier Valley Leadership Academy

Dr. Oruba Anthony leads the Special Services department at Rainier Valley Leadership Academy, an anti-racist public middle- and high school rooted in community and fostering leadership in South Seattle, WA.

“One of our mission pillars at RVLA is being a Collaborative Community, and collaborative community is how I’d best describe the support given to me this school year by the TMC. New to my role this year, I was wrapped in the TMC’s arms as they helped me navigate ever-shifting policies and best practices for special education. I appreciate having weekly check-ins with my program manager who is always eager to answer any of my questions. One of the go-to tools that I access at least twice a week is TMC’s online special education eLibrary. With the support of the TMC, RVLA’s Special Services department has developed systems to best support scholars, their families, and our community.”


“Out of every support we’ve been given since opening, the one thing I would never live without is the TMC.”

Founding School Principal

“Andrew and Amanda are amazing. I couldn’t do so many aspects of my work without their support.”

Special Education Teacher

“The TMC has been our lifesaver – their support is integral to how we function here.”

founding school principal & CEO