The True Measure Collaborative is a full partner organization to Washington public schools and districts, offering centralized expertise to promote inclusive education in anti-racist environments.

Who We Are

The TMC strives to build the capacity of Washington K-12 educators to improve outcomes for all students and to increase financial resources for Washington LEAs to serve students with disabilities and multilingual learners.

How We Help

Personalized job-embedded coaching and consulting

We help build job-specific capacity and skills for educators serving students with disabilities and multilingual learners.

All-staff professional development

We create customized training plans based on the specific needs of school teams and pair whole-group sessions with coaching for implementation.

Financial resource assistance

We help maximize grant approvals, coordination for consortium grant opportunities, and public policy advocacy to expand the resources available for students with disabilities and multilingual learners.

“The true measure of any society can be found in how it treats its most vulnerable members.”

Mahatma Gandhi

Our Impact

Inclusive education is central to the TMC’s mission.

Inclusion is a school-wide data-based approach that provides curriculum, instruction, learning environments, and school culture designed to provide equitable access to every student. Schools supported and coached by the TMC currently serve students with disabilities in inclusive settings at a significantly higher rate than the state average.